Our Bar

Happy Hour at Barley and Hops in Windermere

Draft Beers

Bud Light – Miller Light
Big Easy Ipa – Coopertail
Crooked Can Cloud Chaser
Crooked Can Hign Stepper Ipa
Guinness – Jai Alai Ipa
Lagunitas Ipa – Stella
Purple Haze – Sailfish
Rescue Dog – Shock Top

beer specials at Barleys & Hops in Windermere

Bottle Beers

Bud – Bud Light
Coors Light – High Life
Michelob Ultra – Miller Light
O’Duols Amber
Angry Orchad
Corona – Corona Light
Dogfish 60 Min Ipa
Fat Tire
Widmer Omissions

draft beer at Barleys & Hops in Windermere

Classic Cocktails

Bulleit Rye Sazerac
Bulleit Bourbon Old Fashioned
Maker’s Manhattan – Citron Mule
Caribbean Rum Runner
Barcardi Caipirinha – Kettle Caipiroska
Tito’s Hair of the Dog Bloody Mary
Top Dog Margarita – Grey Goose Greyhound
Salty Kettle Dog – Salty Chihuahua
Colorado Bulldog – Frenchie 75

Classic drinks at Barleys & Hops in Windermere

Magnificent Martinis

French Bulldog
Dirty Goose
Mango Peach Cosmo
Tito’s Cran-Appletini
Mochachino Martini

Classic drinks at Barleys & Hops in Windermere

Frozen Drinks

Strawberry Margarita
Strawberry Daiquiri
Coco Colada
Virgin Daiquiri

best frozen drinks at Barleys and hops


& Barley Boilermaker
The Regal Beagle – Barley Blue
Scooby Snack – Pink Poodle
Sugar Plum – Irish Car Bomb

best drinks at Barleys and hops in windermere


White Wine

House Chardonnay – House Pinot Grigio
Berringer White Zin
Allegro Moscato – Bogle Sauv Blac
Ecco Domani PG
William Hill Chard

Red Wine

House Cabernet
Cycles Gladiator PN
Sterling Merlot
Kaiken Malbec
Louis Martini Cab